Ashdown Elementary Students Get Special Surprise


Ashdown Elementary students get a special surprise on their 100th day of class for this school year.

The treat was that 100 year old Lessie B. Green visited and read the book the 100th Day of School.

Lessie is the mother of first grade teacher Brenda Tate. The school district was more than thrilled to have hosted Mrs. Green. ” “We loved hearing from her and so glad she was able to come visit, Ashdown Elementary School!”

According to the Texarkana Gazette, Brenda Tate made the centennial connection after taking a walk and thinking about her mother and the 100th day of school. Tate was quoted as saying, “It just came to me that she was 100 and it’s better to let the children see that a person 100 years old can read.”

Students learned that a lot has changed in nearly 100 years. Cars, telephones, televisions, and of course computers. According to the gazette, Lessie was quoted as saying,”We went to school when you finished eighth grade. you had finished high school in those days.” Lessie attended Richmond then went to Ashdown School, which was considered junior college back then.

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Maybe one of those elementary students can return the favor to some students around the year 2112.

To find out everything that’s going on at the Ashdown School District check out their website.





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